Simple email security for Gmail

Encrypt, track, expire and unsend emails from your own inbox

Trusted by people in the world's biggest companies

Powerful features beyond encryption

Email encryption
Send secure and private emails to anyone.
Secure Attachments
Share private files safely over email.
Email privacy
Your emails can’t be read by systems.
Activity tracking
Know when emails and attachments are read.
Expiration timers
Set emails to self-destruct over time.
Unsend emails
Take back emails after being sent.

Your secure inbox on the go

Criptext is also available on iPhone and Android as an easy to use email app that covers all your secure communication needs. Download it today and take advantage of all the great security and control features that Criptext has to offer on the go.

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Encrypt, track, expire and unsend emails from your own inbox

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Active Users
Encrypted Emails
Secure Attachments

Frequently asked questions

What if the person I email doesn't have Criptext?
The people you email don’t need to have Criptext. They can read your secure content without having to install anything or click on external links.
What happens if someone forwards an email that I unsent or expired?
Put simply they won’t be able to read anything. Once you unsend/expire a secure email or attachment no one will be able to read them anymore.
Can Google or Microsoft read Criptext emails?
No, Criptext emails are private. Beyond being encrypted, Criptext emails are completely private to bots, filter and email scanning systems.