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These Apps Can Help You Unsend an Email

Time - July 8, 2015
The right one could save you a lot of embarrassment. Do you feel the need for an Gmail unsend window greater than a mere 30 seconds? If so, check out the new Safari and Chrome browser extension Criptext. It allows you to scrub the contents of any Gmail message any time after you’ve sent it. It doesn’t matter if your message has been sitting in the boss’s inbox all week – if it hasn’t been read yet, Criptext can ensure it never will be. Criptext also lets you create self-destructing emails that erase themselves if not read in a timely manner.
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Gmail Now Features A Way To Ease Sender's Remorse

NPR - June 24, 2015
Business Insider reported earlier this month on a plugin and browser extension for Gmail and Outlook that lets users recall email. The publication says Criptext: can track when, where and who has opened emails or downloaded attachments inside your emails, recall sent emails, and set a Snapchat-like self-destruct timer, which automatically recalls sent emails after a predetermined length of time.
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Criptext lets you unsend your Gmail messages and attachments any time

The Next Web (TNW) - Junio 17, 2015
Need to unsend an email or attachment? We’ve all been there. Criptext lets you recall any message you send through its service with just a click. Available for Gmail as an extension for Chrome and Safari, Criptext encrypts your outgoing mail and shows you when it was opened. It converts your email text into an image only when it’s opened, so it can’t be scanned by bots. You can recall a message at any time or set it to self-destruct after a specified time.
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This Handy Tool Lets You Unsend Emails -- But There's A Catch

Huffington Post - June 17, 2015
Typo in your cover letter? Drunk message to your ex? At last, there's a way to "unsend" these emails. Criptext Mail, a new Chrome and Safari extension, offers a "recall" option that will prevent recipients from reading a message that you regret sending. It even lets you add an "expiration timer" to messages, which will automatically recall them after a certain time period.
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A startup that lets you 'unsend' any email just raised $500,000

Business Insider - June 15, 2015
It's a nightmare scenario: you accidentally sent an email you didn't mean to. But now, with the help of a startup called Criptext, you can recall any email you've sent — even if the person you sent it to has already read it. Criptext bills itself as a more secure way to send email. It's currently available as a plugin and a browser extension for Gmail and Outlook.
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You Can Finally Un-Send That Accidental Email With This App

Refinery29 - June 15, 2015
You know it the moment it happens. You mis-type a single letter, your autocorrect jumps to conclusions, and before you can stop your finger from hitting "send," you've delivered your less-than-PG email meant for your best friend to the very deskmate you were ratting out. There are few things you wouldn't do to take it all back, right? Enter Criptext, a new app that can help you dodge this heart-stopping moment.
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Encripte y tenga el control de sus emails

IT Now - June 15, 2015
Uno de los temores que tienen las compañías es que la información sensible sea vulnerada, una de las puertas de entrada puede ser el correo electrónico, ya que muchos cibercriminales usan este medio para datos. También el robo de información sucede en muchas ocasiones por errores de capa ocho como cuando estos envían información sensible al destinatario incorrecto, ahora eso puede cambiar si cuenta con la solución de Criptext.
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Criptext, la revolucionaria startup del panameño Mayer Mizrachi, levanta US$500 K

Pulsocial - June 11, 2015
Una startup que le está apostando a revolucionar el correo electrónico y la mensajería, tanto a nivel corporativo como personal: Criptext. Esta startup fundada por el panameño Mayer Mizrachi y los ecuatorianos Luis Loaiza y Alberto Vera en 2013, acaba de cerrar una ronda de financiación por US$500.000 en la que han participado tres inversionistas ángeles de América Latina y el Caribe.
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Disrupt NY: Meet the next generation tech company - Criptext Inc.

ComputerWorld - May 12, 2015
We started out as a secure messaging company for enterprise. Last year, we launched the Criptext secure messaging app. One of the things that people loved was how much control they had over other content. Not only was your content encrypted, but you could take it back at any point in time. Enterprises loved this. And they said, we have a problem with emails; secure software for emails is very complicated. So we created the Criptext experience for your inbox.
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Give All Your Emails Super Powers with Criptext

Creator - May 4, 2015
If you’ve ever wanted to take back an email immediately after hitting the send button, then Criptext is for you. Mayer Mizrachi, the Criptext’s founder, points out how his company is different from other encryption services. When I sent him an email asking him what time he was free to meet for an interview, it was routed through Google’s Gmail servers. But his reply was sent through Criptext, which holds onto the email. It’s then streamed to my Gmail account.
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An Empty Envelope

CIO Today - April 17, 2015
Whistleblower site WikiLeaks has published all of the content hackers stole from Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) in 2014. The site even set up a search so interested parties can wade through the 30,000 documents and 170,000 e-mails between actors and company executives. “This is why e-mail technology that allows e-mails to be recalled, without a trace, is imperative for all enterprises, but especially for companies like Sony, whose brand must be trusted to remain strong in the marketplace,”
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Let's Rethink Email

Computerworld - April 6, 2015
Email as we know it has considerable security holes. And of course we’re all sick of the straight-from-Satan’s-lair spam. But let’s not overlook how inherently inefficient it is. Once a boon to businesses, email has developed the annoying habit of burying information. It does this by piling up messages in threads; what you need to find is somewhere among the 30, 40 or 50 threads in a single email file, but who has the time to comb through them all to find that one essential nugget of data? We all know how this happens. Let’s say eight people need to agree on a meeting time. The emails come into the thread one after another as the time is negotiated. In the end, perhaps 97% of the messages are irrelevant, but there they all are.
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IDB annouces Criptext among the 16 most innovative startups to take part in Demand Solutions

IDB - Inter-American Development Bank - September 22, 2014
Ideas for Improving Quality of Life, which will be held December 2, 2014 at IDB headquarters, aims to bring together creative minds offering innovative solutions to development challenges around the world.
The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) announced today 16 startup companies in Latin America that have been chosen from among more than 200 in 22 countries that applied to take part in Ideas for Improving Quality of Life.
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Electronic Communication Leaks -- One Company's Fight to Devise Protection

Huffington Post - September 10, 2014
We all know data breaches are immensely costly to individuals, businesses, and national security. The White House says cyber security is one of the major problems facing this country. The Secret Service is presently investigating a widespread breach at Home Depot. After the photos of nude celebrities came out due to an iCloud leak the need for encrypted and protected emails continues to grow. Earlier this week at Techcrunch Disrupt in Silicon Valley a company named Criptext was on display showcasing how they have developed a software to stop these leaks and protect humanity.
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RIP Downloads: The Future of Streaming Is Near

Wired - Innovation Insights - September 8, 2014
The age of downloading is soon coming to an end. With data speeds increasing and software architecture becoming more efficient, we're coming to the age of streaming.
Criptext doesn't only encrypt data. It's security goes beyond encryption, giving users control of what they say, who can read it and when they can read it. Imagine sending a confidential text to the wrong George? Well, with Criptext you can take back that text at any point in time.
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Criptext: Email y mensajería ultrasecreta para compañías celosas de su información

Pulsocial - June 11, 2014
06/11/14 -pulsosocial.com El servicio que ofrecemos tiene valor para los usuarios, las empresas no ahorran en seguridad. Hay que reutilizar la experiencia para no cometer los mismos errores, no importa fallar sino seguir intentando. Tenemos competencia, tanto paga como gratuita pero nos diferenciamos por ejemplo porque no paramos de desarrollar. Este mes nuestros clientes están recibiendo un update nuevo a través del cual el usuario va a poder retractar cualquier email o mensaje errado que no ha sido abierto. El sector empresarial te dice lo que necesita.
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Criptext: A Secure Way For Organizations To Communicate

MacRage - May 13, 2014
Criptext is designed for large, Fortune 500 companies, organizations and government entities. All current and new users for the foreseeable future have to reach out directly to Criptext, set up a security plan and then have Criptext create network for the company prior to gaining account access.

Co-founded by Mayer Mizrachi, Criptext was unveiled just last week in New York City as a communication app designed for security and privacy. Like other messaging app, Criptext has disappearing text messages and emails where users only have a select amount of time to read them. Unlike other those other apps, however, Criptext has several additional s and is not geared for users like you and me.
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Criptext's super-secure messaging system wants to dethrone aging BBM

The Next Web (TNW) - May 06, 2014
Criptext wants to be the new BBM without the dwindling market share. It already has one government using the service in Latin America and several telcos interested in adding Criptext to their network. That’s impressive since the company only just finished developing the technology and hasn’t focused on marketing.

All messages are untraceable. Each message is sent with a temporary, unique handshake identifier. If a nefarious individual was to get access to the system, they would be unable to intercept messages and determine who sent and who received the message. Access to the database would be useless as well. Messages are not stored on a server or in the app.s, however, Criptext has several additional s and is not geared for users like you and me.
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With Criptext, this conversation never happened...

Miami Herald - April 14, 2014
Criptext will be the LinkedIn of messaging. Work and play should be separated,” said Mizrachi, who came up with the initial idea while working on a digital strategy for a presidential campaign in Panama and seeing a leaked text message conversation crucify a candidate.

With Criptext, messages are protected three ways: Once you open a message you have 15 seconds to read it before it self-destructs from the phone and the servers. Unlike competitors, the message is also screenshot-safe by never showing the name of the sender in the same screen as the message, and it’s untraceable in the backend. Companies, organizations and government entities will pay a yearly fee for the users it specifies — Criptext is currently testing pricing models. It will also have the ability to send messages to specified affiliates.
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